Gear Pick of the Week: Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits

Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits (£18.99)

Julia says: Before reading this book I expected it simply to cover the training life and perseverance it took for Chrissie to become the incredible sports woman that she is. How wrong I was.

Yes, the book covers the hours, blood, sweat and tears Chrissie devoted to becoming the world record holder and unbeatable sports woman we all admire. But it also delves much deeper into the trials and tribulations of life as an athlete.

Chrissie begins by speaking openly about the joy she felt when swimming competitively as a child, and how she was encouraged to take up triathlon when someone spotted her potential. She juggled training with a full-time job and thanks the individuals who paved the way for her to become a sponsored world-class triathlete.

Any perceptions we may have had of athletes leading exotic lives of training, travel, wins and photo shoots are shattered by Chrissie’s revelations of eating disorders, control issues and injury.

She reveals how suffering with both bulimia and anorexia over extended periods of her life almost led her to give up on her education and the joy sport had given her in those early years.

Then there’s the famous Wellington pain barrier. She writes extensively about how her body was pushed to its limits, racing with broken bones and training with muscle strains.

Shining through the book is Chrissie’s extraordinary ability to maintain such focus, determination and her work ethic despite continuous knocks and setbacks. Add this inspiring read to your collection and dip into it whenever you need a motivational boost.

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