Gear Pick of the Week: Salomon EXO S-Lab Tech Tee

Salomon EXO S-Lab SS Zip Tech Tee, £80

James says: If I'd judged this running top on first impressions, it would have failed to make it into my running wardrobe, but once I’d got over its initial cardboard feel and garish yellow colour (it comes in a variety of colours, like the more pleasing red and white option, shown here), my opinion changed rapidly when it came to the most important part – performance.

My posture instantly improved when I pulled the shirt on – it was like being hugged by an osteopath. I felt a bit like a super hero clad in Salomon’s ‘smart skin’, but what impressed me most is that it didn’t feel like I was wearing a cardboard suit. The seams were smooth and friction was non-existent, and with the summer moving in, the top offered the cooling option and flattering fit I've been looking for. I'd highly recommended it.

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