Gear Pick of the Week: Zoggs Tri Vision

Zoggs Tri Vision, £20

Katherine says: While noticeably larger than other goggles in the Zoggs range, the new Tri Vision mask offers superbly clear 180-degree vision thanks to its curved lens technology. The soft frame sits wide on the face for a comfortable fit and little risk of indentation marks. If you need to dive into the water at the start of a race, you can be assured these goggles will stay put when you enter the water. We found them to be leak- and fog-resistant too. The larger design might increase the risk of being knocked by other competitors but the double studded head strap will help to keep the goggles in place regardless of the intensity of your swim. They're easy to  adjust and the smoked lenses offer UVA and UVB protection when outdoors. The Tri Vision are a fine addition to the Zoggs range and any triathlete’s kit bag. They're are available in black or white.

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