Speedo Fastskin3: Preview

Fresh from the launch of Speedo's new Fastskin3, we're delighted to give you a preview of this exciting hydrodynamic range. The true innovation with Fastskin is the three elements working together - it's a complete head-to-toe racing system. Not only is the suit packed with top-of-the-range technologies, but Speedo have also applied their expertise to the goggles and cap to create the most efficient possible racing system.

The Fastskin3 has already received Fina approval and you'll see swimming legends Rebecca Adlington and Michael Phelps wearing it next year as they race to secure their spots in London 2012. Now ordinary swimmers can get our mitts on it - the range goes on sale today and it's already rocketed straight to the top of our Christmas wish list.  

What is it?

The Fastskin3 is a cap, goggle and suit engineered to work together as one efficient racing system. Speedo has spent four years and a whopping 55,000 hours developing the Fastskin3 - and it seems to have paid off. It offers a full body passive drag reduction of up to 16.6% (the drag slowing the swimmer during the submerged, glide phase of any stroke) and a 5.2% reduction in body active drag (the drag slowing swimmers at the surface during the active swimming phase of any stroke) when compared with Speedo's previous racing system (tested against a flat silicone cap, Speedo Aquasocket goggle and LZR Racer Elite Jammer on a male athlete). Speedo's previous racing system, the LZR Racer was worn by athletes who smashed 23 records at the Beijing Olympics - could the Fastskin3 rival this record?

What does it offer?

Speedo Fastskin3 Cap, £25

  • Made to fit head and face contours exactly with its IQ Fit Cap Profile, designed using accurate 3D head mapping data (the kind used to generate CGI for Hollywood films). If you combine it with Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles, full body drag force is reduced by 5.7% when compared with a flat silicone cap and Speedo Aquasocket goggles.
  • The exclusive new Speedo Hair Management System is designed especially for swimmers with long hair. A bonded fabric cap with a non-slip edge is structured to hold and shape longer hair to fill the gap at the curve of the neck for improved hydrodynamics.

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles, £55

  • Designed using accurate 3D global head scanning data to deliver an accurate fit, leak resistance and comfort. It also has a unique IQ FIT seal and strap.
  • A Hydroscopic Lens offers 180⁰ peripheral vision.
  • The Dive Stream outer profile protects the eye and improves the hydrodynamic contouring of the head.

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Swimsuit:
Men's Jammers (£230) and Women's Kneeskins (£330)

  • The 3D Zoned Compression fabric system throughout sculpts the swimmer's body to reduce skin friction drag by up to 2.7% compared to Speedo's LZR Pulse fabric.
  • A 'Body Stability Web' constant seam framework gives support exactly where it's needed to improve the stroke and enhance the effectiveness of starts and turns.
  • An IQ FIT 'snap back' waistband on the male suit eliminates the need for drawstrings, ensuring a flatter, more efficient profile.
  • The suit is also treated with Speedo's C6 Water Repellancy Technology which reduces water absorption and the suit's weight in the water.
  • You step into the female suit through the arm. This Armhole Entry system makes it easier to get into while maintaining the best possible fit, providing increased compression and fabric coverage around the bust and other key areas.

They say...

"You just feel absolutely amazing when you wear the Speedo Fastskin3 Racing System, you just feel so smooth and so fast."

Rebecca Adlington, 800m freestyle World Champion and Olympic and Commonwealth champion in the 400m and 800m freestyle

"Speedo has always been the pioneer of new swimwear technology and innovation, and this reputation is underpinned by the development of the Fastskin3 Racing System, another world-first from Speedo that will help swimmers achieve their full performance potential,"

David Robinson, Speedo President

We say...

Its technology is revolutionary, it looks good and could well smash records next year. If you want the elite experience when you're training or racing, then the Fastskin3 could be for you. 

Find out more

Watch a video of the Fastskin3 in action or head to the Speedo website.