Time Trialling Tips for Beginners

  • To ride in a time trial you need a roadworthy bike. Helmets are recommended and some races insist on them.
  • Prepare to be impressed by lots of professional-looking cyclists, but don't be overawed - they were beginners once.
  • Develop a smooth, circular pedalling action by remembering that pulling the pedal up and over is just as important as pushing down and around.
  •  Maintain a lively cadence throughout - 90rpm is recommended for efficient pedalling, so get to know what that feels like by using a simple bike computer.
  • Keep going hard at the end until you're past the timekeeper - every second counts.
  • It's your responsibility to follow the rules of the road - don't make things unsafe for other road users.
  • Check the route so you know where you're going and remember to carry a phone for emergencies.

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