Triathletes in numbers

Ever wondered what the average triathlete looks like on paper? A recent survey released by The Triathlon Industry Association has revealed some intriguing facts and figures including a correlation between the time spent dedicated to the sport and salary - those who spent the most time training were also the highest earners. 

Take a look at some of the findings and let us know they reflect you:

• 56% were runners before they became triathletes

• 83% were college or degree educated

• £1500 is the average amount spent on a bike

• £45,000 is the average triathlete’s salary

• 2.6 people in the average triathlete’s household 

• 5-10 hours a week average triathlon training over the winter

• 1 in 5 travelled overseas in 2012

• 1/3 expected to increase the spend on their sport in 2013

Gary Roethenbaugh, Managing Director of MultiSport Research, the author of the report on behalf of TIA says: “We always suspected that triathletes were a resolute bunch. These initial findings show that the sport continues to go from strength to strength, with a healthy proportion of new starters joining an ever-more determined core population.”

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