TRX for Triathletes

Following on from the success of our running specific TRX session with UK master trainer Elizabeth Banks, we asked if we could go back and do a similar thing but with triathletes in mind and thankfully she said yes. 

With the triathlon season very much upon us, this is the time to complement those hours in the pool, on the bike and on the road by strengthening key muscle groups to help maintain a solid training regime and injury free season and this work out has been specifically designed to help you do just that. 

This workout is designed to:

  • Mobilise the thoracic spine (upper back), which is key for swimming and running.
  • Fire up the core through the active plank position to replicate the bodies position during the swim.
  • Fire up the glutes - often neglected by tri athletes, important for all three disciplines.
  • Improve shoulder mobility, vital for the swim.

Beginner: go through 1 round of all movements to practise form 8 reps. Then add 2 circuits 30 secs per exercise.

Intermediate: 3-4 circuits 45 secs

Advanced:4-5 60 secs

TRX key:

Body positions are all in relation to the anchor point

SF = Stand Facing

SFA = Stand Facing away

GFA = Ground facing away

Lengths for foot cradles:




Mid calf 

Golf Rotation Series

  • SF Mid

  • Quarter squat position with chest lifted, light grip
  • Keep eyes forward single arm, then track hand up and behind (increasing ROM), then both hands to the same side, eyes forward, then allow eyes to track hands again.
  • Full rotation, allow arms to open up to challenge full shoulder range.

Standing Roll Out (W/ lateral tweak reaching out to the left and right)

  • SFA Mid

  • Arms at shoulder height, strong plank position, reach arms up head and maintain body alignment.
  • Then progress to lateral shift, return to start position with arms at shoulder height.
  • Tension on the straps the whole way through.

Sprinters Start (Progression: W/hop & Travel Hop)

  • SFA
  • Long
handles underneath arms, body angle 45 degrees weight on the ball of foot, need decent angle for this to work.
  • Set one foot back to the anchor, keep chest lifted.
  • Drive from the back foot and step feet together.
  • Then progress to lifting the knee into a hop and travel hop. 

Swimmers Pull

  • SF
  • Mid
start with hands just in front of hips, palms down.
  • Off-set foot position.
  • Lower body by extending arms, maintain plank posture, pull arms down and bring body up to standing position.
  • Lift chest and anchor shoulders.

Body Saw

  • GFA Mid Calf
Plank position hands underneath shoulders; maintain body alignment, draw body forward, ROM isn't big, focus on alignment, return with control. 


  • GFA Mid Calf

  • Very dynamic, maintain good alignment.
  • Feet and knees together, drive from the hips side to side.
  • For added challenge try to "stick" the movement briefly at the end range. 1, 2 stick- keep alternating.

Pike (for extra challenge this can be a combo exercise)

  • GFA Mid Calf
  • Super for shoulder ROM & core strength.
  • Try to keep a long back position by lifting the hips, keep a strong position by activating the quads and keeping legs straight.

Cool down

Long Torso Stretch

  • SF Mid

  • Bring one foot across allow hips to rotate, keep upper body in line with the anchor, bend at the waist.
  • Focus is on ITB and lateral torso (lats)

Hip Hinge & Lower Back (check photo for lower back stretch) Stretch

  • SF Mid
light grip on the handles send hands forward and hips back, focus on hamstrings. 

  • Shift to lower back stretch feet underneath hips leaning back from the handles lengthen through the back.
  • Focus is lower back.

Chest & Torso Stretch

  • SFA Mid

  • One foot in front, with hips tipping forwards increases hip flexor stretch, hand out to the side just below shoulder height gives chest & shoulder stretch, hand up high reaching to the opposite side focuses on lat stretch.