Your weekend in running: 16th-17th January 2016

Stuary Amory says "I thought having the kids every second weekend would hinder my parkrun mission...I thought wrong!" His secret? "The power of a promised chocolate milkshake afterwards is incredible!"

Ben Lumley took on nine miles stunning miles in the Chesterfield countryside... look at that snow!

Stephanie Osman says "I completed my furthest distance yet on Sunday, 11k trail run in the snow!"

It was an 8K through Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking for Alex Heffer. "It was a challenging 150m ascent for a relatively new runner, but the views from the top were well worth it!" she says.

Lara Hosford: "My first trail run. Only a 10km, but certainly challenging. Missed the views of Bath as too wet and foggy!"

Dominic Bowen braved the snow in order to complete 17.5 miles for his Manchester Marathon prep. "Seems like nothing gets in the way of a training schedule!!"